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  • REHAdapt Mounting Solution in Super Bowl Commercial

    Steve Gleason - former professional football player, a safety with the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League - battling ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. See how our mounting solution helps him to live a better life. See video...

  • Solutions for iDevices

    Our new tablet mount line! If you need short, medium or long arm, flexi or sturdy: we help you finding your Mount Solution! You can clamp all iDevice-Mounts on a board. All joints are fully 3D-adjustable. Read more...

  • FlexiMount Solutions

    Fits perfectly to you and your environment. No matter if it‘s on your sofa, in your bed or ina recliner. No matter if it‘s on your sofa, in your bed, in a recliner or on the floor, table or you want to even hang it - our new FlexiMounts are the right solution for you! Read more...

  • Wheelchair Mounting Systems

    With our wheelchair mounting systems we offer a wide range of possibilities of mounting any kind of device onto any kind of wheelchair. Our system is easy to use and quick to adjust even without tools. Read more...

  • FloorStand Solutions

    Our floorstand providing a perfect solution for seatung forniture. Highliy adjustable in height and width it's made to fit everywhere in your home. Read more...

  • TableTop Mounts

    Our TableTop product range ensures a very sturdy mounting environment for all types of devices. If you need automatic levelling on uneven surfaces or a tableclamp with quickshift handles for quick and easy adjustment - we have the right solution for you! Read more...

  • IntegraMouse

    IntegraMouse Plus is a fully adequate computer mouse which can be operated with the mouth. New feature: it is wireless! Of course it still operates with USB connection.
    Two additional operating modes: IntegraMouse Plus can also be used as a joystick and set to keyboard mode (arrow keys, Space, Enter) – ideal for gaming.Read more...

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Virtual Mounting Solutions

Reh∆dapt offers our customers a unique new service of customizing our mounting systems to the specific characteristics of the individual.

Featured Product

HANDY: FloorStand OneHandFloorStand Solutions

HANDY: FloorStand OneHand

Our new FloorStand OneHand change the position of your device easily with a fingertip in free space 90 degrees vertical and 160 degrees horizontal. It has never been that simple to get the most comfortable position with so less effort.


Featured Product

MINI: FloorStand MiniFloorStand Solutions

MINI: FloorStand Mini

Our new FloorStand mini series are designed and engineered to meet the needs of individuals and care-givers who wish to mount lightweight idevices that can be easily moved around in the home, office, or wherever you might need it.